Great SEO takes User Experience into Account

Search engine optimization is the lifeline of any online marketing or advertising campaign. From content creation to social media integration – SEO is designed to help brands secure higher visibility across Google and mobile platforms. This helps establish brand validity and awareness, while increasing conversion rates, leads and revenue. SEO can also propel brands to new heights, while making them competitive entities in any respective industry or niche.

With years of extensive industry experience, this SEO Agency has the tools and expertise to help your business grow and expand by merging the technical and user experience aspects of search engine relevancy for websites.

SEO and UX – The Perfect Match

For years, industry experts debated on whether SEO and UX (user experience) went hand in hand. In other words, was there a way to enhance user experience with SEO if the tools were only meant to secure higher visibility on search engines? With the new digital age upon us, however, it’s a given that SEO and UX are intertwined and seamlessly blended when building websites and launching SEO campaigns. According to a famous article by Search Engine Journal UX does seem to be the future of SEO.

Experts also believe that neither SEO nor UX can stand on their own when it comes to meeting customer needs. So much so that even Google has it made it clear in their Webmaster Guidelines that users should be the center of attention in any SEO or online marketing campaign. This ensures:

·         A perfect marriage between SEO and UX – UX will focus on improving customer experience, while taking into account their design preferences based on current industry trends. SEO will focus on actual site data, web traffic, conversion rates, analytics, and increase content visibility on search engines.

·         Page visibility – Even with search engine based SEO, pages will be designed primarily to meet client and user needs.

·         SEO blending – SEO can no longer function as its own entity. In fact, it must incorporate UX and other factors in order to secure timely, effective and lasting results for users.

With this in mind, here are a few ways UX can blend with SEO to drastically improve a website’s performance:

User Created Content

User experience, plus user interface, and SEO should focus on the user now more than ever. This is despite the older perception that SEO strictly depended on strategic keyword placement and site optimization to build traffic. Again, Google continues to reiterate the fact that content should focus on user needs and goals. This is due to:

·         The fact that search engines and users appreciate the human element of SEO marketing.

·         The main goal of any SEO campaign should be to facilitate user needs and aspirations – even though traditional SEO is still vital for optimal search engine ranking and visibility.

·         From design to optimization, the emphasis on user needs truly helps any page improve its performance. This is rewarded by higher conversion rates and visitors spending more time on pages that are designed to effectively attract and engage the public at large.

A good SEO company would have the tools to combine the benefits of UX and SEO into a comprehensive and cohesive platform for clients. Other benefits of a good partnership would include:

1.       Better readability and site content – that is easier to scan and digest. Long gone are the days of lengthy content and intricate Flash that would take forever for pages to load. Today’s sites have to be centralized and streamlined for maximum user experience, while captivating and compelling users with precise and concise content.

2.       More visually and aesthetically pleasing websites – better chances at making a first and lasting impression for site visitors, clients and potential customers.

3.       Better usability – pages that not only look great but are optimized for better functionality and performance. This helps enhance user experience and connects them to the products, services, and information they seek.

4.       Retain more users – professional site content with a blend of SEO and UX will surely result in more users subscribing to page feeds, newsletters, and other portals that increase site visibility and patronage.

With so many benefits associated with SEO and UX, now is the right time to take your site and brand to the next level. For a complimentary consultation that helps put your ideas into fruition, you may contact this SEO company and get the results you deserve!

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Recent Sabbatical

Sorry for the lack of blog updates since the past few weeks.

We had taken a sabbatical, from which we’re back on!

You’ll hear more from us very soon.

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Recent Trends In Inter-City Commuting

Commuting is an important daily task for many people. Getting to work may take anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour. Today’s travelers have many potential options when deciding how best to commute to work. Certain trends in commuting have become increasingly apparent this year. Today’s commuters are typically looking for ways they can save money and time. They are looking for ways to commute to work that helps reduce the pollutants they generate from commuting and help make the environment safer for their generation and the generation in front of them. Luckily, today’s commuters are able to find many important choices in the market today that can help meet their needs.

As per an articly by, there have been some pretty good evidence that cars are not the first choice when it comes to intracity travellers for the modern day man. So what are the ways commuting trends then? Well, here are some which we can think of:

Carpooling as a Means of Commuting 

One of the most important things that people today have seen is an increased trend in carpooling. Carpooling is a great way to cut commute costs and ease into the day. Many people have found it easy to carpool by organizing a carpool in their workplace on their own or tapping into existing networks and using them to commute. Carpooling today can also be about using services that allow them the pick up a ride if they need to stay late at work. Many kinds of services let the user find people who are commuting in their direction and share a ride with them for only a small fee. There are many apps that serve the purpose of car pooling which can also make the job easy for commuters to organise such a network and is ultimately beneficial all those involved in the commute.

High Increase In Use of Trains/Trams (locally and intercity) 

Another important trend in commuting today is the increased use of trains. Trains are fuel efficient and fast. Many communities around the world have constructed mass transit systems. Many more are expected to construct such transit systems in the near future. Trains bring people to work in spaces where there are lots of businesses. Trains allow commuters to sit inside and let the world go by as they let someone do the driving for them. A commute by train typically means being able to sit in a comfortable seat and read, look out the window or just talk quietly with friends and family each day. Taking the train will continue to be popular in the future as more communities look for ways to help reduce the use cars in their area.

Taking the Bus

Buses are also a popular choice this year. Many people find that taking a bus to work can be right for their needs. Buses make an ideal way to commute. A typical bus far today is often easily affordable. Many communities are trying to make it easier for peopel to commute by bus by increasing the numbers of buses on each bus lines. They are also trying to help provide people with the means to use buses by offering flexible bus schedules that tend to have more frequent rides during the evening and the morning. Many communities also help make taking a bus easier today by providing commuters with reduced fees if they take any other form of transport during their commute such as a train. This can help them reduce their overall commuting costs today.

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